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Ultrasound Parts

Save thousands of dollars by replacing an ultrasound part to maintain your ultrasound system for years to come; don’t be oversold. Power supplies, Monitors, PC Boards, Qwerty Keyboard….View More »

Cart and Portable Ultrasound Machines

Choose an ultrasound machine that works for your facility, whether New ultrasound or Refurbished ultrasound. At Enterprise Ultrasound, knowing what you do is the right way to sell to you. We support many ultrasound manufacturers like GE Medical, Toshiba, Siemens Healthcare, Sonoscape (Value and Quality).View More »

Ultrasound Probes

Ultrasound probes enable you to perform a scan so the importance of being up relies heavily on the quality and condition of the ultrasound probe. Downtime means patient backlog, lost reimbursements and potentially a critical moment for a patient. We have Philips, GE, Toshiba, Mindray Ultrasound probes.View More »

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Understands Schedules and Budgets

We work in the time frame you need to achieve a goal. We work with you in tandem to succeed.

Quality Equipment, Timely Delivery, Warranty on Every Product

Extremely high quality standards.

Several Options to Choose

A wide variety of manufacturers with Refurbished or New Ultrasound Equipment.

The Art of Listening

Before we give you a recommendation, we listen to your practice or company needs.

Customer Service Oriented

We want your business now, and next time.

Ship Domestically and Internationally

Import and Export.

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Aloka UST-9124, $1500 SOLD

Philips CX50, starting price $20,000

Philips C8-4v Cartridge, Demo condition $1,900

Siemens 6L3 $150

Toshiba Aplio MX PN:  BSM31-6202 $2200 Exch

Philips L17-5 for IU22, $2,500

Zonare Probes Available

GE Logiq S8, BF192 Assy, $$$

GE Voluson S6 CPS Assy, PN  5393431-3

Portable B/W w/2 Probes $6,000

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Some of the Brands we work with
  • Philips
  • Siemens
  • Toshiba
  • Mindray
  • Sonoscape
  • Edan
  • Biosound

Our Ultrasound Machines and Probes are Shipped Worldwide



Enterprise Ultrasound offers refurbished, demo and even new ultrasound machine systems, portable ultrasound machines, probes, transducers and other ultrasound parts from manufacturers like GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Mindray, Sonoscape, Edan, Sonosite, Samsung and Chison. We take an honest approach of understanding your application and yes, even your budget, so we can properly assess the right ultrasound equipment available for your medical practice. We want to help your business.

With a strong history of success dealing with clients domestically and internationally, Enterprise Ultrasound welcomes the opportunity to work with you. With over nine (9) years delivering and selling ultrasound solutions to clients locally in California and globally, our integrity in business is a strong reason for our client retention. View More

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