GE Ultrasound Machines

With GE ultrasound machines, you have a vast line of extensive products. GE Healthcare is part of a very diversified portfolio of products thereby keeping the medical equipment the same. GE ultrasound systems are comprised into what I refer to as 3-4 categories. They offer products lines broken into Radiology or OB/Gyn/Vascular, Cardiac which entails Cardiac/Vascular products and then the 3D/4D line. The GE products would be broken out and referenced by Logiq Series (Radiology – OB, Gyn, Vascular), Vivid Series (Cardiac, Vascular) and Voluson Series (3D, 4D, OB, Gyn, Vascular). Within each ultrasonic line may offer cart-based console machines along with the portable ultrasound equipment. Each typically offers cutting edge technology as we all are aware of GE’s presence in the medical ultrasound industry. You will always get a reputable product from this manufacturer.