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With a strong history of success dealing with clients domestically and internationally, Enterprise Ultrasound welcomes the opportunity to work with you. With over nine (9) years delivering ultrasound solutions to clients locally in California and globally, our integrity in business is a strong reason for client retention.

As a provider of ultrasound machines, parts and probes, we can offer refurbished, demo and even new systems and probes from manufacturers like GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Mindray, Sonoscape, Edan, Sonosite, Samsung and Chison. We take an honest approach of understanding your application and yes, even your budget, so we can properly assess the right ultrasound equipment available for your medical practice. When we ask for intended budget, we are not doing this to maximize profit, we do it to minimize time on discussing the wrong system if you are unaware something may greatly exceed it to the point where leasing is not even attractive. We want to help your business, not hinder it and time is respected from both parties. We welcome reviewing different machines and options while respecting needs, budget and yes, even time.

If quality equipment, delivery times and proper communication are important in choosing an ultrasound vendor, then consider us. If ultrasound probe repairs are getting expensive, then consult with us. If you are interested in a leasing estimate and you are domestic, we have great success and can explain the process while supplying rates and terms so there is nothing hidden to you. We hear those horror stories but are not the creator of them.

It all starts here – [email protected]

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