Portable Ultrasound Machines

The rise of portable ultrasound machines has increased year over year in the hands of the professionals. Portable ultrasound machines are presenting clean imaging, complete functionality, and extreme portability options. A portable ultrasound can be mounted on a cart for a small footprint, easily mobile in a small environment. With the technological advances in ultrasound, the portable ultrasound unit is now highly competitive with the cart-based units. The big name brands like GE are still a mainstay in the market but some companies like Mindray, Sonoscape and Edan are taking little bites out of the customer base to add to theirs. Talk with us to see the differences in the portable ultrasound machines and which one may be best suitable for your practice. We offer small black and white or color portable scanners with many features. The great feature of portability is the quick mobility from room to room or patient to patient. In ER, you need mobility in a portable ultrasound so here is a great reason to choose one of our machines with Dicom to transmit images and whether a GE or Sonosite or other brand, choose the one that fits your budget and delivers the diagnostic image you and your patients demand. Refurbished portable ultrasound scanners can save 50% off new prices and still have a great lifespan to get a solid return on investment.  For a quick overview, click here PORTABLE ULTRASOUND SYSTEMS TO BUY.