Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any other questions not listed below, please contact us.

We know the other vendors, big and small. The difference is we don't pigeon-hole you into a system that is overpriced or not the right fit. We will not sell you something and then fall short of it. We will answer the phone if you call after. (big difference there)
Yes, we ship internationally, excluding countries on the embargo list. We custom crate each shipment to secure the ultrasound machine in transit or with probes and parts, encase, add foam and box accordingly for shipping.
All warranties start at 30 days and go up from there. Extended warranties are available along with parts only warranties to keep costs down. Most failures are determined upon receiving, booting up and using the equipment in the first 30 days anyway. With probes, you will know quality and aesthetics immediately, we don't hide anything and are very up-front with any product shipping. Trust me, we do not want returns.
Good question - we see proper communication and above all, respect as important factors when dealing with customers. With both of those that means we listen to your needs and wants. You will find us asking questions, not to exhaust you or may you rehash a conversation BUT so we know and understand. If we are doing all the talking - there's a saying - then we're not listening - right?
Yes. Again it depends on the quality of the product and if it's new, refurbished, pre-owned. We will work with you if you give us the chance.
Sure - depends on what system it is, age and condition. Or if we don't buy it, we can consign it for you - we will find the highest bidder for you. It's a win-win if you really do not want or need a machine or probe and wouldn't mind some cash.

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