Philips Ultrasound Probes

Philips ultrasound probe technology goes from the standard convex to the matrix probes with quick and easy volume navigation. We can supply you with new, preowned and demo Philips ultrasound probes. We can offer new and used probes for anything from the following: HP Sonos 5500, 7500, HD3, HD7, HD9, Envisor, HD11xe, HD15, iU22, iE33, ClearVue 350, 550, 650, Epiq 5, 7, CX50. If you do not see it listed below, just email us so we can provide you with pricing and availability.
Be sure to check your type of connector on the probe when you ask for one. There are different types of connectors – cartridge, canon, explora – all sized differently for different ultrasound machines.

Philips Ultrasound Probes - New and Used

C5-1 L12-5
C5-2 VL13-5
C8-5 L9-3
L11-3 C9-4
L15-7io S4-1
S5-1 V6-2
S8-3 C9-5ec
S12-4 C8-4v
X3-1 3D9-3v
X5-1 X6-1
X7-2 S7-2omni
X7-2t V8-4
S7-2 3D8-4
S7-3t 3D6-2
D2cwc C6-3
D5cwc L8-4
D2tcd L12-3
L17-5 BP10-5ec