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Sonoscape Probes - New

Sonoscape S9 Pro Probes
3C-A Convex replaces the older C353 Convex (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R55mm
C353 now replaced with 3C-A Convex Probe, for abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology and urology
C322 Convex (Abdominal Biopsy), 2-6.8 MHz/ R20mm
C542 Convex (Abdominal, Pediatrics), 3-11 MHz/ R40mm
C613 Micro-convex (Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4-13 MHz/ R14mm
L742 Linear (Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 38mm
L743 Linear (Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 46mm
L752 Linear (Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 52mm
10L1 Linear (Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 36mm
4P-A replaces the older 3P1 Phased (Cardiac, Transcranial), 1-6MHz
5P2 Phased (Cardiac, Transcranial, Pediatric), 3-9MHz
8P1 Phased (Cardiac, Transcranial, Infant), 6-16MHz
6V1 Endocavity (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R11mm
6V3 Endocavity (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R10mm
10I2 Linear (Intra-operative), 4-16 MHz/ 25mm
LAP7 Laparoscope Linear (Intra-operative), 6-16MHz/ 40mm
VC6-2 Volumetric Convex (Obstetrics, Abdominal, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R40mm
PWD 2.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 2.0Mhz
CWD 2.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 2.0MHz
CWD 5.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 5.0MHz
Transesophageal MPTEE (Cardiology), 4-8.2 MHz
Transesophageal MPTEE Mini (Cardiology, Pediatric), 4-8.2 MHz
EC9-5 Transrectal (Urology), 3-15 MHz/ R8mm
BCL10-5 Biplane (Urology), Convex 3.9-15 MHz/ R10mm, Linear 5-16 MHz/ 60mm
BCC9-5 Biplane (Urology), 3-15 MHz/ R10mm

Sonoscape S8 Expert Probes
C344 Convex  (2-6MHz/R40mm)
C354 Convex (2-6.8MHz/R50mm)
C353 convex (192 elements)
L741 Linear (4-16MHz/46mm)
6V1 Endocavity (3-15MHz/R11mm)
6V3 Endocavity (3-15MHz/R10mm)
2P2 Sector (no CE) (1-6MHz)
VC6-2 Volume 3D Convex (2-6.8MHz)

Sonoscape S8 Probes
C344, 5-2MHz/R40mm, Abdominal Convex Probe
C362, 5-2MHz/R60mm, Abdominal Convex probe
C542, 7-4MHz/R40mm, Abdominal & Pediatric Probe
C311, 4-2MHz/R15mm, Micro-convex Cardiac Probe
C611, 8-4MHz/R11mm, Micro-convex Pediatric Cardiac Probe
L741, 10-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small part Linear Probe
L742, 12-5MHz/38mm, Vascular Small part linear probe
L743, 10-5MHz/46mm, Vascular Small part linear probe
L752, 12-5MHz//52mm, Vascular Small part linear probe
L541,7-4MHz/38mm,Vascular Linear probe
10L1, 12-6MHz/36mm,Vascular Small Parts Probe
10I2, 10-5MHz/25mm, Linear Surgical Probe
6V1, 8-4MHz/R11mm, Endovaginal Probe (135 degree)
6V3, 9-5MHz/R10mm, Endovaginal probe (200 degree)
EC9-5, 9-5MHz/R8mm, micro-convex Endocavity probe (150 degree)
7U2,10-5MHz/46mm, Linear transrectal probe
2P1, 4-2MHz, Phased Array Cardiac Probe
5P1, 7-4MHz, Phased Array Pediatric Cardiac Probe
MPTEE, 7-4MHz, Multi-plane Phased Array TEE Probe
MPTEE Mini, 7-4MHz Pediatric Multi-plane Phased Array TEE Probe
VC6-2, 6-2MHz/R40mm, Curved volumetric probe for Live 3D
BCL10-5, 10-5MHz, Bi-plane Curved and linear 10-5MHz/R10mm (200 degree / 60mm)
LAP C9-5, 9-5MH

Sonoscape S2 Probes
C344 Convex, 2.0-6.0MHz/ R40mm
C611 Microconvex, 3.0-8.0MHz/ R11mm
C311 Microconvex, 2.0-4.0MHz/ R15mm
L741 Linear, 5.0-15.0MHz/ 46mm
10L1 Linear, 5.0-15.0MHz/ 36mm
10I2 Linear, 4.5-15.0MHz/ 25mm
6V1 Transvaginal, 4.0-9.0MHz/ R11mm
EC9- Endocavity, 3.9-11MHz/ R8mm
2P1 Sector, 2.0-4.0MHz
5P1 Pediatric Sector, 3.0-7.0MHz
VC6-2 Volumetric convex array, 2.0-6.0MHz/ R40mm

Sonoscape X5 Probes
3C-A Convex Curved Array
C613 – Microconvex Curved Array
L741 – Linear
6V1 – Transvaginal
3P-A – Adult Sector/Abdomen

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