Chison Portable Ultrasound Machines

Chison ultrasound has been around and manufactured quality imaging for many years. After intense research and development progress, I am proud to announce their newest addition which is their greatest asset to their product line, the SonoBook, a solid laptop design with exceptional imaging. The SonoBook portable introduces a shared service portable ultrasound with a more favorable price point. It competes with Mindray, GE and Philips portables in design and features.
Another model, mid-grade that also maintains a great platform to work and deliver clean images is the Ebit. The Ebit comes in Ebit 60 for Human and Ebit Vet for those caring for the pets/animals that humans love.
Now, we have seen a lot of Chison products generated over the years but we kept saying “we need more”. More meaning – definitely more compact, more durable, more features. The imaging enhancements were already there quite frankly but in order to really recommend and talk about Chison, we needed more. 2017 is going to be a great year for them ramping up sales in their SonoBook and Ebit ultrasound models. Both portables have great imaging enhancements which will be further explained in their respective details below.

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