Veterinary Ultrasound

Veterinary ultrasound machines may vary from complex cardiac, color doppler systems to a traditional, basic, black and white portable. Enterprise Ultrasound can offer an ultrasound for farm use (SIUI CTS-800 or BMV L60) which provides ultra-portability and is lightweight in nature. Many veterinarians may look for a black and white portable to scan feline and dog, lizard or other pets, the Edan DUS60 would be appropriate. Yet other professionals may prefer a laptop, color doppler portable and keep with the human presets for more options, something like a Sonoscape, Mindray, GE or Edan ultrasound. We can help you sift through all this criteria to decide on a system suitable for you and your practice.
If you already have an ultrasound system and just need a transducer – email us at [email protected]

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