GE Ultrasound Probes

If you need a GE Ultrasound Probe and you do not see it listed below, please just use the request form on the right to let us know specifically which GE probe you need. When purchasing an ultrasound transducer, please indicate if you ultimately seek a new probe, or a preowned or refurbished transducer for your machine.

GE Medical Ultrasound Probes - New, Preowned, Refurbished

10C-D 4D10L AB2-7-D L10-22-RS RAB2-5-D
10C-SC 4D16L RAB2-5 L4-12t-RS RAB2-5L
10L 4D3CL AB2-7-RS L6-12-RS RAB2-5-RS
10S 4D3C-L BE9C L764 RAB4-8-D
10S-RS 4d5c-l C1-5-D L8-18-IO-D RAB4-8L
11L 4D8C C1-5-RS L8-18I-SC RAB4-8P
11L-D 4DE7C C1-6-D LH  4S
12L 4V-D C2-9-D M12L RAB4-8-RS
12L-RS 5C C358 M12L(MIH) RAB6-D
12L-SC 5CS C364 M3S RAM3-8
12S-D 5S C4-8-D M4S RIC5-9
12S-RS 5sp C551 M4S-D RIC5-9-D
3.5c 6S-D E721 M5S-RS RIC5-9-RS
3.5CS 6S-RS E8C M5Sc-D RIC5-9W
3C 6Tc E8C-RS M5S-d RIC5-9W-RS
3CB 6Tc-RS E8CS M6C RIC6-12-D
3c-rs 7L ERB M7C RNA5-9
3S 7S ERB7 M7C RNA5-9-D
3S_SC 7S-RS SP4-10 M7C-H RNA5-9RS
3S-D 8C 3S-SC ML6-15 RRE6-10
3SP 8C-RS 4C-SC ML6-15-D RSM5-14
3sp-d 8L i12L ML6-15-RS RSP5-12
3S-RS 8L-RS I12L-RS 6.5MTZ RSP6-16
3V 8S I739-RS P2D-RS RSP6-16
3V-D 9L IC5-9 P6D RSP6-16-RS
4C 9L-D IC5-9-D P6D-RS S1-5
4C-A 9L-RS IC5-9H PA2-5P s4-10-D
4C-D 9T SP6-12 PA4-7 SP10-16
4C-RS 9T-RS T739 PA6-8 SP10-16-RS
4C-SC AB2-7 T739-RS  6Tc-OR