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Find updates in the ultrasound industry here. Ultrasound techniques, machines, probes and applications – a wealth of news for you. Ultrasound comparisons on systems or features you may be interested in may influence what you buy and when you buy. We offer the latest ultrasound news to keep you and your team informed.
At year end, you will hear about Section 179 so please prepare throughout the year to capitalize on any of these deductions listed. Ultrasound equipment purchased outright or leased, are included in this offering.

Ultrasound and Sound Waves to Enhance Cancer Drug Delivery

  Ultrasound to enhance cancer drug delivery Sound waves drive drug therapies to cancer cells; minimize toxicity Date: March 20, 2018 Source: ... read more

Medical Device, FDA, Regulatory Changes

  FDA Rejects Push for New Regulatory Action on Medical Device Service  All news found on aami.org Posted May 15, 2018 The Food and... read more

Healthcare Approvals For Year End

Who needs help? If you’re like many I talk with daily, you have more things to do than hands... read more

Imaging Quality and Ultrasound Questions Guiding Ultrasound Decisions

Imaging Quality and Ultrasound Questions Guiding Ultrasound Decisions There will always be many questions on ultrasound equipment. When reviewing ultrasound machines,... read more

Sonoscape E1 Portable Ultrasound

The Sonoscape E1 Black/White, Slim Design Portable Ultrasound.  With Sonoscape introducing the E1 which replaces the A6, with enhanced imaging,... read more


PORTABLE ULTRASOUND MACHINE DIFFERENCES: ULTRASOUND NEW RELEASES: CHISON SONOBOOK 9, SONOSCAPE E1 Chison Sonobook 9 – Brand new, High end portable ultrasound... read more
portable ultrasound

How Portable Ultrasound is Changing Healthcare

Ultrasound has had a profound effect on the way doctors can monitor and diagnose health problems. For years it has... read more

Which Is The Best Ultrasound Machine

Best ultrasound machine There will always be many questions on ultrasound equipment. When reviewing ultrasound machines, a common question... read more


KIDNEY AND BLADDER ULTRASOUND SCANS APPLICATION     WHAT IS A BLADDER?: It is a muscular sac/organ that stores urine made in the kidneys... read more

Cardiac Portable and TEE Ultrasound

Chison SonoBook 9 and GE Vivid I: The ultimate ultrasound devices for Cardiac and TEE ultrasound The technology continually advances in... read more
SonoBook 9 cardiac portable ultrasound machine

Portable Ultrasound Machine – Cardiac, Vascular, FDA Approved

SonoBook Portable Ultrasound - Loaded with Features, Cardiac/Vascular/OB/4D,  FDA Approved Portable ultrasounds have different applications for different reasons and doctors. What is... read more
how to buy ultrasound machines

Planning On Ultrasound Equipment Purchase

How do you start planning for an ultrasound equipment purchase? What are the questions you need to ask yourself before the... read more

Many Choices in Portable Ultrasounds Today

Are you undecided on which portable ultrasound to purchase? Are you unsure of the cost of a portable ultrasound machine?... read more

Leasing and Loans for Medical Equipment

Ultrasound machines can be offered in cart-based, portable, hand-held, and tablet versions.  The cart based ultrasound systems usually may have... read more

Sonoscape Portable Ultrasound – X5 Color Doppler

Sonoscape X5 Folding Laptop Style Color Doppler Portable Ultrasound Used in the Following Applications - Obstetrics, Gynecology, Vascular, Breast, MSK,... read more
Capital Equipment Savings section 179 taxes

Section 179 with Capital Equipment Buys

Another year to capitalize on Section 179 in the United States. Many already have used the deduction in previous years as... read more
GE Voluson E10 Image Quality example

Breeding Season Is In The Offing, Are You Well Prepared?

Introduction: Ultrasound technology has come of age and is of great use to veterinarians and farmers alike for finding out which... read more
5D ultrasound machine

Difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and latest 5D Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound scanning is an essential clinical tool which provides images of the fetal internal anatomy. Sometimes it is also referred... read more
buy new portable ultrasound machines

Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips

Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips Ultrasound machines require regular care and maintenance for them to function properly and in particular,... read more
7 Tips to buy the best ultrasound machine

7 Tips to buy the best ultrasound machine

If you are in the market to replace your outdated imaging equipment and want to buy best portable ultrasound machines,... read more
portable ultrasound machine

Benefits of Having A Portable Ultrasound Machine

Benefits Of Having A Portable Ultrasound Machine Prefacing the use of a portable ultrasound machine in today’s growing technological market is... read more

Focused Ultrasound Treats Tumors

An interesting book has made the market, by John Grisham, that deals with the medical audience and technology. Focused ultrasound,... read more

Vascular and Ultrasound

Vascular and Ultrasound - Peripheral Vascular – Peripheral Artery Disease – Vascular – Doppler – Explained Here: What Does 'Vascular' Mean? The... read more

Ultrasound Machine Differences

Enterprise Ultrasound will connect on ultrasound needs and provide the honest differences between portable and cart-based ultrasound machine models. Things like... read more

Emergency Room Ultrasound

Ultrasound in the Emergency Room As emergency room visits increase or the critical nature of the patient is more obvious, so... read more

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