Ultrasound Machines from Major Manufacturers

GE Ultrasound

GE has strength in its diversified portfolio of medical equipment. In the ultrasound area you may be very familiar with the Voluson, Logiq and Vivid product lines. If you find that your facility is in the RT or System series, you may be using a machine built prior to the year 2000 which may be difficult to repair or even find parts.

GE has held strong in the top 3 medical manufacturers and continues to generate quality equipment with a competitive edge. The user interface, enhancements for better imaging and popularity in the market have made GE a top player in the ultrasound market.

GE has a unique business philosophy in ultrasound, by customizing its innovative ultrasound systems to four care areas: radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and emerging clinical uses in the emergency room and operating room.



With Philips continually investing in acquisitions therefore acquiring features of equipment, software, global footprint, and data management, we experienced great strides from 2000-2008 which put them clearly on the map for positive progress. They are committed to providing quality equipment and care with meaningful innovations. They have been a world leader in cardiology with a strong presence in women’s health.



A Japanese owned company with some incredible imaging modalities. In the 1970’s they came to the U.S. and opened up the domestic medical division.

Achieved production of the 100,000th ultrasound system (First in the world) – quite the accomplishment. With a smaller percentage of sales in the US, they are gaining momentum with innovative solutions now offered in ultrasound. The Aplio line of products is very well respected delivering unsurpassed imaging enhancements to doctor’s for better diagnosis and evaluation involving critical factors.



A well-known Chinese manufacturer that has been immersed in ultrasound and probe technology for nearly 20 years. ISO, FDA and CE certified, this company has gained a very favorable reputation that is growing immensely with the latest release, the Ebit. With user friendly designs, great imaging that keeps improving, and an affordable option to add to any practice, Chison will be better known this year, 2017, than ever before. With the feedback from clients worldwide and their research and design engineers, they implemented the tools and features that sonographers, doctors, and technicians needed. Chison has exceptional customer service and is proud when you own their products.  Look for their new release in 2017 with the slim factor portable laptop, Sonobook, a shared service ultrasound machine with cardiac and stress.


Siemens Healthcare
Another very diversified company and manufacturer that recently (2014) gained recognition in Best in Klass for the Siemens S3000 Ultrasound machine and general imaging. The ratings were impressive so that may be the push to accelerate back into pioneering strategies with ultrasound technology. They have a history with Elastography and 3D TEE, AccuNav catheter for cardiac catheterization.



With the growing Chinese market, Sonoscape is one of the leading manufacturers with good investments in research and development to augment further growth initiatives. They have great portable ultrasounds to offer the medical market at a reduced cost in comparison to “the Big Three” in the United States. Their image is gaining momentum with clear diagnostics available for the general practitioner to cardiologist. It’s well worth the investment and look to see the Sonoscape products and their offering.


Mindray (Zonare)

A Chinese manufacturer that has produced dramatic results in ultrasound that have gained them respect. Strong marketing, stock market IPO strategy and leveraging technology advances against the largest United States manufacturers has enabled them to finally make an imprint on the ultrasound platform. Founded in 1991, listed on the NY Stock Exchange in 2008, it was one of the first Chinese companies with ISO, CE and FDA approvals.


Samsung (Medison)

With the acquisition of Medison, Samsung has the financial strength and R&D to excel in the medical marketplace.  They already have extensive knowledge in electronics which will parlay into medical equipment.  Their new technologies have been demonstrated with their clinical forum experience.  They have new diagnostic tools for breast ultrasound which continually is addressed with emphasis.  Fetal diagnosis by Crystal Vue is highly recognized in the Obstetrics and Gynecology area of healthcare.  Keep tuned for more on Samsung.